Pitted edema both legs, no DVT should I wear support stockings all times, & are calf only supp. Compression sleeves as good as toe to upper calf sock?

Calf high works well. The calf muscles act as the main leg circulation pumps so calf compression stockings may work nearly as well as thigh high supports. The other consideration is what strength: consider 30-40 mmhg compression stockings, but recent studies show 20-30 mmhg may work nearly as well, and are easier to put on and take off. Since results vary, consider experimenting with different stocking types.
As long as. You don't have arterial insufficiency i would recommend wearing them all the time and the toe to knee compression sock would be my recommendation over the calf sleeve. Any sign of calf tenderness and you should be evaluated for a DVT as you are a higher risk patient.
Keep on... For your conditions, continual use is recommended. However, if feeding your curiosity is tense, you may try putting on and off for 1-2 weeks each to compare how you may feel and you decide what may be better for you. If not for curiosity, just keep on wearing it besides following current medical advice. For the time being, practice universal healthy lifestyle and avoid any overindulgence ...