I have a cold sore and I have preformed oral sex on him. What's the likely hood of one of us getting genital herpes?

Good chance. Herpes type ii aka genital herpes can occur orally with oral sex. Hsv ii can be shed even when you don't have symptoms or visible blister. You may have it for many years and not even know it, and be passing it around to other. Big dilema.
Herpes-location. Hsv: 2 varieties-1, 2. Used to be thought of as oral and genital. Each can occur in either location. Type 1 in oral angrier than in genital location; type 2 in genital location angrier than in oral location. Both tend less frequency and severity as time goes on. If partner has already been exposed to your type of hsv, is immune; if not, then you've exposed him. Shed virus even with no sore.