What is the difference between PFO and pda?

Very different. Pfo is a patent forman ovale, a persistent opening between the two upper chambers of the heart that usually closes shortly after birth. Pda is a persistent connection. Between the aorta and pulmonary artery which also closes shortly after birth. These changes facilitate the transition from intrauterine life to extra uterine life.
Both congenital defe. Pfo is when the right atrium and left atrium communicate through a congenital foramen or " hole" . The passage between the 2 chambers is neccessary before birth so the baby can get oxygenated blood from its mom. When this fails to close(up to 20%), its called a patent foramen ovale.The ductus arteriosus connects the aorta and pulmonary artey . It usually closes after birth, if it doesnt its a pda.

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What is the difference between PFO and PDA in a baby?

Location. The pfo is a hole between the upper heart chambers that likely has a flap cover it in most cases but it can be plied open. The PDA is a bypass circuit that allows the fetal blood to bypass the lungs until air breathing starts. It is physically located above & to the left of the heart & joins two main heart vessels. Read more...
Very different. Pda is a communication between aorta and pulmonary artery that allows neonatal circulation. Once born the PDA closes to allow normal extra uterine circulation. Pro is a persistent opening between upper heart chamber (atria). There are few symptoms associated with pro. A persistent PDA can have significant consequences. Read more...