I'm scared to death I'm having oral surgey on the third and I'm scared of being put under! Is there a chance I won't wake up?!

Speak to your Doctor. Need to speak to your Oral Surgeon. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons have the lowest % of anesthetic deaths of any specialty who performs out-patient anesthesia. Make sure your Oral Surgeon is Board Certified and has a recent ACLS certification and his staff are all CPR trained and certified.
Oral surgery. It frightens us when we feel out of control but the out of control you will be experiencing is well controlled by the oral surgeon. Life has no guarantees but the changes of something going wrong are miniscule. You'll feel so good when you've accomplished this. The very best to you. (this is the reason some folks fear flying.).
Very rare. Discuss all your risks, benefits with your surgeon. Any other diseases or comorbid conditions can impact the answer.