Does plastic surgery cause severe face pain?

No. Facial plastic surgery does not, in general, cause severe pain. If one has severe pain following facial plastic surgery, the patient should notify his/her surgeon immediately.
Not typically. Most facial plastic surgery is not painful. However that is a gross generalization and it truly depends on what is being done. Analgesics are typically prescribed for those procedures in which pain is anticipated.
No. I have been surprised in all my years of plastic surgery how little pain areas with soft tissue cosmetic procedures. When doing procedures which involve repositioning of the facial bones, such as and advancing the jaw or cheekbones or in major craniofacial surgery for congenital defects, however those are painful. But i would say that 99% of my cosmetic surgery patients are able to treat their pos.
No. In my experience of over 25 years of faisal plastic surgery, my patients have little if not no pain at all. 90% do not even need a tylenol, (acetaminophen) as an example. Done correctly plastic surgery of the face is not painful.
Not really. But it depends upon your own pain perception. Some people seem to feel no pain no matter what is done and others feel pain for weeks after a simple shot. But in general, most people do not complain of much pain after nose jobs, eyelifts or facelifts or other simple facial surgeries.
Plastic surgery. Pain is a variable experience. Your surgeon will give you medications and post op instructions to minimise your discomfort.
It depends... It depends on what you mean by "plastic surgery." this term covers many different kinds of procedures, and of course pain tolerance varies greatly among individuals. Having said that, most elective cosmetic procedures, as well as many if not most facial reconstructive procedures, are performed on an outpatient basis with only oral pain medicine needed temporarily for pain control.
Shouldn't ..... Pain after facial plastic surgery should be easily controlled with medications like vicodin. If it is not, it may be a sign of hematoma, and your surgeon should be notified immediately.
No. Depending on the procedure the recovery time will vary, but for the majority of facial surgeries pain is mild to moderate and patients are typically surprised at how quickly they are back to feeling great.