Why do some adolescents think excessive or binge drinking is worth the risk?

Binge Drinking . The thoughtful part of a teen's brain is not fully developed, combine that fact with family difficulties and peer pressure and you have a complex combination that can lead to risky behavior. Best.
Drinking . Is a cultural, social behavior. Some do it others don't. Is a learned behavior used to socialize, enjoy, cope, or destroy your life. Relaxes you, but also u develop tolerance (requiring more drinks for same effect). Some drunks get melancholic, violent, fall asleep, others forget about their life. Communication, self respect, staying busy keep a person balanced. Don't know why people binge.
Friends... Forget the internet, tv, or even maxim magazine, an adolescent's friends and social circle have much more influence on their behavior than probably any of these things (of course, if the parent also drinks excessively, that's a problem too). If a teenager's hanging out with other kids who drink... Chances are that teenager will see it as an acceptable thing to do.