My nose keeps perforating help!?

What is perforating? Septal perforations are seen at times in people fooloing around with cocaine. Perforations can be closed with some difficulty.Let your plastic surgeon or ENT surgeon know about everything then this can be treated.
See an ENT. for permanent repair all/any perforations and symptoms elimination. See an ENT for final diagnosis and treatment as needed.
Get evaluated. It is not common for the nose to perforate repeatedly. If you are referring to a hole in the nasal septum this can be associated with infection, trauma, drug abuse (cocaine) or an autoimmune condition that can affect small blood vessels in the nose and other tissues and organs. Septal perforations may cause bleeding or a whistling sound. Repair is possible but difficult if the hole is larger.
Cocaine. Cocaine use associated with septal perforations. Difficult problem to treat. See an ENT surgeon or board certified facial plastic surgeon for evaluation.