My left breast is swollen an entire cup size. Breastfeeding-- what does this mean?

Need to get checked. If this is painful and sudden, it could be an infection or blocked milk ducts. Even if not painful and not sudden, something is going on. It may be harder to detect a lump deep in the breast while you are full of milk. You should speak to or see your lactation consultant or provider.

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Hi I have a pinching burning sensation right below my left breast.. I breast feed and I only get the pain when I lay and feed him?

Positioning. Examine your breast in that area for redness or swelling. Since this seems to be positional, it is possible that the baby is not getting a proper latch in this position. Take care at your next feeding to be sure baby opens wide and that the tip of your nipple is in the back of his mouth. Be sure also to rotate positions equally such that you are compressing all of the mild ducts equally!

I have a try patch on my areola, left breast. And I don't know if it's because of breastfeeding or what. I was curious on what it is?

Poss contact derm. If you are breast feeding, moisture from occasional leakage or contact with baby's skin or clothing could be causing some irritation or contact allergic reaction. Start with an unscented skin lotion or ointment like Vaseline. If it doesn't clear up or gets worse, I recommend having your doctor evaluate.

How many minutes am I supposed to breast feed on each breast? For some reason my left breast is producing more milk. How can I even them out?

10-15 minutes. 10 -15 minutes on each breast is more than adequate to empty the breast. Baby actually gets 90% of the milk in the first 5 minutes. If one breast is significantly producing more, start your nursing always on the side that produces less. Baby's suck is more vigorous at the start of the feeding and will be more stimulating to that breast. Also can use warm compress to increase blood flow to that side.

I am breastfeeding for 3mos now and my left breast particularly the areola- is peeling and somewhat itchy. What could it be?

Cracked nipple. Your nipple is probably irritated from Breast feeding. Youight want to apply a lotion, called lanolin lotion to help preventing cycling and bleeding from the nipple.

My baby is a week old and I am breastfeeding her but my right breast seems to be slightly bigger than my left breast. My right breast is firm and large while my left breast is small and not firm at all. I am very concerned and do not know what to do.

Your. Your right breast is producing more milk than the left. A few things you can try are to start feeding the baby on the left side first. Use a breast pump on the left side after breastfeeding. Do this at least three times a day. If these things do not help, make contact with a lactation consultant. They are usually available through the hospital where you gave birth. Also consider joining a lactation/breastfeeding support group. Best of luck.
Feed more frequently. Feed more frequently from the right, breast abscess can form if you do not empty both sides equally. Warm compresses may help too.

I was treated my mastitis but I can still feel a little bit mass on my left breast but no pain at all, I don't breast feed now how can I treat this?

See your DOCTOR. It is highly unlikely that this will develop into any other problem and it will likely resolve on its own with warm compresses and anti-inflammatories but it should be evaluated and followed by your physician. This could develop into an abscess or fat necrosis and may benefit from aspiration, drainage or excision if it does it resolve.
Mastitis. May be incompletely treated warm compresses time and if not progressing next few days will need to revisit physician.