My big toe hurts and is a bit pinnk, swollen?

Possible Ingrown. Without a better description, this sounds like you might have an infected ingrown toenail. If your toenail looks like the picture shown, this can be addressed in the office with a simple procedure. If not, you should still see a specialist for an evaluation.
Several things. You need to see a doctor to rule out such things as an ingrown toenail, infection, gout.

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My big toe hurts an it's kinda swollen where the eponychium is? What is it

Sounds like a. possible infection. Visit a podiatrist who can confirm this for you. Read more...

Foot big toe hurts so bad - swollen foot big toe - the doctor said in the report (there are dorsalis pedis artery monophasic) - angioma was 6 days ago?

poor blood flow... If your physician was prompted to request a blood flow study, then there must be some issues or compromise in your blood flow to your legs and feet. The pain your having is called claudication - pain from decreased blood flow. You should follow with your pcp or vascular specialist asap to fully evaluate the bloodflow in your legs. If you smoke - stop today. Read more...

Left big toe pain on both sides for 6 months. Recently swollen. Looks like layers growing. Under toe. 28 and have psoriasis. Doesn't gel?

It does gel.... Psoriasis can affect the toenails. The thicker nails can cause them to grow curved and can then push down the sides of the nails. May need to get it tested; fungus vs. psoriasis. May need the nails ground down to see if that helps or checked for ingrowing nails. See a Podiatrist. Read more...