Total cholesterol 210, triglycerides 77, HDL 72, LDL 123. Healthy 21 to make, anything to worry about?

Lipids. From the standpoint of your lipid levels, nothing to get worked up about. On the other hand, atherosclerotic risk is multifactorial. If you have a family history of atherosclerotic disease, diabetes, hypertension, smoking, obesity or some other things, your lipids being ok may not be enough.
Looks good. One thing to mention is that the reason your total cholesterol is slightly on the high side is due mainly to a high level of hdl, the so called good cholesterol. This is a good thing, and your overall ratio of total cholesterol to HDL is less than 3, which is also very good. Do also take into account your family history for heart disease and other aspects of your health and personal habits.
Get Better Data ... Cholesterol (a fat made by every animal cell, part of cell membrane), has never been correct issue, promoted because ? cost. Correct issues: LDL ; hdl: proteins which transport all fats in the water outside cells, known since before 1950, see image. Get NMR particle test for much better info, ?~$80 no insurance, directly measures the protein particles. Optimal LDL ?700 nmol/l ; large-hdl >9 µmol/l.
Not much. Your blood fats are fairly decent, although i would like to see your total cholesterol level to be under 200 mg. I would advise you to eat healthy which means less of saturated fats(fried foods and animal fats including full fat dairy). Keep your weight in the healthy range also, so that your bmi is under 24.