I have pcos, on metformin (6months)and clomid (first month).Had a blood test on day 21 with progesterone level of 101, is that too high? What does it mean?

Ovulation! That Progesterone number means first and foremost that you ovulated. There really isn't a number that is too high - Progesterone can fluctuate depending on the time of day that it is drawn and whether you are taking any supplements.

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I have pcos and my cycle length is 35 days on clomid (clomiphene). I took 150mg of Clomid (clomiphene) this month and progesterone level is 109 on day 21, what does it mean?

Progesterone . Based on units in the us, the Progesterone level is normal. This would indicate that you may have ovulated at that one or both ovaries are producing Progesterone in quantities sufficient enough to support any early pregnancy. Read more...

I have pcos and am on Clomid (clomiphene) and metformin. Is there any reason for a blood progesterone to come back positive if you haven't actually ovulated?

No. The Progesterone level only rises after ovulation. It remains elevated after conception occurs. The only other reasons to have an elevated Progesterone level is from taking supplemental Progesterone or from abnormal endogenous production such as a tumor. It would be exceedingly rare to have a tumor that produces progesterone, but possible. Read more...