Is breast thermography better than mammograms?

No, it is not. No. It is not indicated for screening mammography. Mammography is the best modality we have to diagnose breast cancer .
No. Mammography better. Thermography of questionable utility. Thermography is not part of most breast imaging practices.
No. Breast thermography, while very safe, has a poor track record for being an effective screening tool. Until more data is gathered, i'd consider it inferior to mammography.
Mammo vs Thermo. Mammogram wiil pick up a calcified tumor. Thermogram shows change in fucntion andis actually much more sensitive that mammogram, but not nearly as specific. Thermography has shown changes due to breast cancer years before calcification is shown on mammogram. While mammogram is the gold standard and the xray amount is small it is the yearly screening over time that increases the risk due to radiati.