What is the best allergy treatment to fight severe pollen allergies?

See an allergists. In general, the treatment of allergic rhinits is three pronged: avoidance, medications and immunotherapy. Avoidance implies getting tested to understand what one is allergic too. Medications include: antihistamines, decongestants and nasal steroids. Immunotherapy is allergy vaccine therapy which, while woking to control you symptoms, is trying to establish a long term modification of one's allergy.

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Best treatment or medicine for itching eyes due to allergy in the pollen season?

Itchy eyes. There are many eye drops made for this purpose. Examples are acular, alamast, (pemirolast) Claritin eye, zyrtec eye, Patanol just to mention a few. Sometimes the oral antihistamines work well and sometimes they don't. Read more...