How do I cure head pain that causes neck pain on occasion?

See neurologist. See a neurologist to start a proper work up as to what is causing this!
Need eval. Sounds like it could be arthritis or inflammation of the facet joints in the back portion of your cervical spine. Start by seeing your pcp. X-rays or an MRI may be in order. You can take otc ndaids like motrin.

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Burning Upper back/neck pain moves to head and causes headaches no pill will cure. Worse when sitting. Both sides. I can't stand the pain much longer.

At this point you . should see a spine specialist for a detailed evaluation and appropriate testing who can then guide needed treatment as you are not improving on your own. Testing may range from x-rays, CT &/or MRI with treatment possibly involving PT, injections thru pain management & potentially different classes of medication you may not have already utilized . If still symptomatic, surgery may be an option . Read more...
Need an exam. You have several causes that require immediate attention. A visit to a hospital or a clinic immediately is what I would do. Please. Rule out the things that are easily treated and can cause death or stroke and move the more common chronic issues. But at least get one thorough evaluation immediately. Read more...