Can acupuncture cure hammer toes?

Cure? not likely. Acupuncture has not been clinically proven to cure hammer toes. It may definitely help with the pain and inflammation however. Discuss treatment options with your foot doctor.
No. I agree that acupuncture may help with pain but the hammertoe itself is the result of muscle imbalances. Initial treatment in my office consists of therapies aimed at alleviating pain and preventing the toes from worsening. Only surgery will correct the hammer toe deformity.
No. It may help diminish the pain, but it will not correct the structural deformity.
Doubtful. Hammertoes are a structural/functional deformity. Improving foot function can help. See your foot specialists. Dr l.
Hammer Toes. Auricular acupuncture can be used for toe pain related to frostbite, inflammation, strains, & peripheral neuralgia but I am afraid it will not correct a structural deformity like hammertoes. In general it may help with pain / rom. Please see your orthopedic surgeon or podiatrist for hammer toes.