Does hair replacement surgery look good?

Yes. In the right candidate, hair replacement surgery will look natural. It will be extremely difficult for anyone to know you have had the procedure.
Generally yes. There are much better techniques these days for hair replacement surgery. Make sure you do your research and go to somebody well-respected in your community.
Natural hair look. I have been doing hair transplant surgery for 36 years. In the 80's the grafts were 4 mm in diameter and looked pluggy. In 1986 we were the first clinic to do the entire scalp with tiny minigrafts. Now most any transplant done by a skilled surgeon looks very natural. Just make sure to pick your surgeon carefully.

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Is it true that hair replacement surgery will work?

Yes it does. Expertly-harvested and prepared micro-grafts (1-3 hair follicular subunits) can be transplanted by a hair replacement surgeon with excellent permanent results. "plugs" also work, but are outdated as they give you a doll's-head appearance, whereas the micrograft techniques look and act like the real hairs they are. Dr. Tholen. Read more...
Hair transplants. There are one or two very professional transplant groups that have 85% effectiveness. The follicles that survive transplantation become permanent. Read more...