What is this? Joint/muscular pain, fatigue, mouth sores, stomach pain, ibs, inflammation, insomnia, depression, mood disorder, thyroid, diabetes, pcos

Many possibilities. Your pain could be as a result of many different things. A thorough history and physical exam and possibly some laboratory and radiology exams are needed to determine the exact cause. Causes of pain may include: trauma (fracture, sprain, arthritis), infection, metabolic conditions (gout), musculoskeletal or biomechanical abnormality and neurologic conditions (neuropathy).
Many Dosorders. We can not find a single comdition which will cause all these symptoms and signs you need to consult your doctor and get treated after comprehensive evaluation and possibly referals for blood tests and other tests like imaging.And possible consultation with some specialists if your doctor feels you need to consult start with your family doctor and go from there.