I am just over 3 weeks post op from a endoscoptic forehead lift brow lift. Should I still be numb?

Yes. Absolutely. The nerves adjacent to where the operation is performed sustained quite a bit of stretching during the surgery. In the best hands with the most experience, it is very common to have numbness for months after surgery. Occasionally, patches of skin will remain numb forever.
Not unusual. Numbness three weeks after the procedure is not unusual. Your sensation should return within three to six months. I hope this information is helpful. Stephen weber, M.D. Lone tree facial plastic surgeon.
Numb after Brow lift. Yes, it's completely expected to have numbness this early after plastic surgery. The endoscopic forehead lift typically recovers faster than the traditional coronal or open brow lift, where much longer incisions were required. Speak with your plastic surgeon regarding any concerns that you have.
Check with surgeon. http://www.facialplastics.info/brow-forehead.html it's possible that numbness following an endoscopic forehead lift can last for several months following your surgery. It's best to check with your plastic surgeon to make sure that you're healing correctly.
Tingling? This is a somewhat prolonged period and return often occurs by 7-10 days. However longer periods of numbness can be normal. It is probably best to wait and observe with likely resolution particularly if it is equally effecting both sides of the forehead.
You may be numb. For weeks, months or always... When we lift skin off of the underlying structures, muscle or bone, the nerves get stretched or cut depending upon where they are. How quickly they recover depends not only on stretching or cutting , but on your general health (diabetes, vascular disease, autoimmune disease and so on) as well as genetics. Also, three weeks is very early in the recovery process.
It depends. This is a question best answered by your operating surgeon. A degree of temporary numbness is normal and will resolve as swelling goes away and healing takes place. This can take 6 wks and sometimes longer. Completes numbness is not typical an you should discuss this with your surgeon.
Not to worry yet. Small areas of temporary numbness are common around scalp incisions. Numbness over larger areas of the forehead and scalp can occur when larger nerves are stretched or temporarily disabled by cautery or manipulation. Numbness of this type usually resolves over a few weeks or months. Permanent numbness can occur if a large nerve is catistrophically injured. Best to discuss with your surgeon.
May be. Some degree of numbness behind the incision is normal.This should improve in time, few weeks, occasionally few minths! but if it persits for prolonged period, say three minths you should go back to your operating surgeon.In fact, you should be in contact with your surgeon until everything settles to you and your surgeon's satisfaction.