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I have a fatty liver what are the chances of me getting a fat embolism, im actively loosing weight but im just scared to death by this?

Very rare. Most fat embolism occurs from multiple severe long bone trauma. Reported. Millions of people in us have fatty livers. However fat embolism from fatty liver is very rare with only few cases reported. With weight loss most hepatic steatosis is reversible with return to normal liver enzymes. Keep up good work with loosing weight which will reduce other problems such as high blood pressure & cardiac.
No worries. Liver fat can lead to NASH (non-alcoholic steatotic hepatitis) which eventually can lead to hepatoc failure and death. The obesity epidemic in north america has seen a rise of NASH over the last decade. Weight loss can help prevent this... Fat embolism is due to long bone (femur) fracture, not from obesity... Best wishes.

What are fat embolism causes?

Fractures. Fractures of the long bones are the commonest cause of fat embolism, though most cases go undetected. Chest compression as part of cardio-pulmonary resuscitation is often associated with fat/bone marrow embolism. Injury to fatty tissue and uncommon metabolic disorders also can cause fat embolism.