Is there any research that connects enuresis to bladdercancer?

Bed Wetting is. "enuresis", and is consdered an issue under neuro-pschological control, and only rarely from a physical cause. While there are rare pediatric bladder tumors (rhabdomyosarcomas), the frequency of transitional cell adult tumors rises with age, tobacco use, exposure to schistosomiasis h., chronic catheterization. No link to bed wetting.
Not so far. The main risk factor is smoking accounting for 50% of the risk. Another major risk factor is exposure to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, like napthylamine, in dye workers. Chimney sweeps, and aluminum manufacturing workers also have increased risk, as do those exposed to schistosoma haematobium infections. At this time there is no known connection with enuresis.
Childhood enuresis. Is not associated with bladder cancer. However occasionally a person with bladder cancer may develop enuresis. This is quite uncommon.
Yes. There is no data that enuresis in children predisposes a person to bladder cancer, however bladder cancer can have enuresis as a presenting symptom. If a person develops enuresis as an adult, especially if they have other risk factors for bladder cancer such as smoking, they should see their physician to determine the reason for this change.