Is the bird flu transmitted from human to human?

Fortunately. Very very very rare that is why we have not seen severe epidemics and that is why it is called bird flu docs and nurses would be very scared to see patients if it were easily transmissible so far so good.

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What are the symptoms of bird flu in humans in asia?

Same as Flu. Fever, breathing problems, cough, aches and pains, shortness of breath and in severe cases death.

Why is bird flu not able to be transmitted between humans?

Not true. While bird flu has a reservoir in birds, once it gets into humans, it will be spread from personal contact.

How is bird flu spread?

Like other flu. Bird flu is usually acquired through close contact with birds and breathing their respiratory secretions. It usually does not spread from person to person, thank god!

How is bird flu diagnosed?

Virtually none seen. This strain of influenza has not been seen in the USA. Cannot say there have been none, but if so, rare. The best way to avoid influenza is through regular yearly vaccination. The CDC tracks the types of flu most commonly seen and those are included in the latest vaccines available.
Culture. A nasal swab and culture diagnoses the specific type on influenza when analyzed.

What happened with bird flu?

Still around. The virus is still around and has caused disease in the east. See this site for more info. Http://www. Cdc. Gov/flu/avianflu/h7n9-virus. Htm.