Does anyone knows of any emollient cream which is very good for hand eczema?

Petrolatum products. Products containing petrolatum, glycerin, lanolin, dimethicone, shea butter, mineral oil are all good for hand eczema. Some brands are o'keefe's working hands cream, aquaphor. Vaseline, neutrogena norwegian formula, udder cream, bag balm, aveeno (oatmeal) intense relief hand cream, eucerin intensive repair hand cream.
I like neutrogena. I like neutogena hand cream. But it's totally a matter of trial & error: what feels best to you, what works best for you.

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Are any emollients good for hand eczema?

Yes. All emollients are good for hand eczema. Many people find cetaphil restoraderm to be particularly helpful. If that doesn't work then the prescription epiceram is helpful. Read more...

I have hardened skin on two my fingers & after some time it get cracked and bleed, very painful. I tried hand lotion and other over the counter creams, but no luck. I am not sure, if this is hand eczema or something else. Need some advice on medicine.

Hand eczema? There are certain limitations imposed by this format which include the lack of a photograph of the skin lesions about which you requested information. So it's impossible to tell you the correct diagnosis and/or therapy. My Best advice would be to call and make an appointment with the dermatologist. Hand eczema can be severe, and water is your deadly enemy. Washing your hands frequently and using. Read more...