Can someone list the disorders that might be diagnosed with electromyography?

EMG. Electromyography or EMG is a test used to look at muscle activity which is reflective of nerve activity. This is often done in conjunction with nerve conduction velocity (ncv) testing. This is done by measuring muscle activity over a stimulated nerve. These 2 tests can help diagnoses nerve disorders, muscle disorders, neuro-muscular junction disorders.
Nerve & muscle. Als, polio, west nile myelitis, lumbar/brachial plexopathy, parsonage-turner syndrome, amyotrophy, cervical/thoracic/lumbar radiculopathy, compression neuropathies (carpal tunnel syndrome, tarsal tunnel, ulnar neuropathy/cubital tunnel, radial tunnel, meralgia paresthetica, & others), peripheral neuropathy, guillain-barre, cidp, myasthenia gravis, lambert-eaton, polymyositis, myopathy, & others!