Told that my blood test came back 1 out 8 for down syndrome. Is that highrisk?

Yes. There is a new blood test called maternit21 plus that is available that will spare a great deal of expectant mothers the possibility of miscarriage at amniocentesis. This is done by doing a blood test on the mother to assess for circulating fetal dna using molecular techniques. It is not yet fda approved. Http://www. Sequenomcmm. Com/home/.

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My doctor called me and told that my blood test came back postive 1 out 8 for down syndrome. Should I abort?

Additonal tests. There are additional, more definitive tests, e.g., amniocentesis, ultrasound examination, that should be done before you make a decision. The topic is not suitable for consultation in this forum. Please consult your doctor.
Odd report. There are screening tests (with such odds) and definitive tests (chromosome study) that are definitive. I would not make any big decisions based on a screening test. In some areas you can get a chromosome study as early as 8-9 wks on random fetal cells found in mothers blood. The most common definitive studies are done from an amniocentesis.