What are the symptoms of depersonalization?

Reality distortion. Depersonalization is the feeling that you are not personally involved in your current situation or that you are not personally present in your environment. It may occur as a defense mechanism in a traumatic situation or may be a part of a psychotic syndrome.
Mind is in a cloud. My patients tell me that they feel that their mind is in a cloud. Dsmv states that there are experiences of unreality, detachment, or being an outside observer with respect to one's thoughts, feelings, sensations, body, or actions. The person my feel an unreal or absent self and emotional or physical numbing. Perceptual alterations and a distorted sense of time may be present. No psychosis present.

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What are the tell tale symptoms of depersonalization disorder?

Disconnection. The key symptom of depersonalization disorder is a sense of disconnection between your self aware self and other parts of your self (your body, your actions, your thoughts). People with it may feel that they are watching themselves from afar, or that they are "in a dream" even though they are awake.