Can someone tell me if proteus syndrome preventable?

Proteus syndrome. Proteus syndrome is a very rare condition, wherein an overgrowth occurs involving skin, bones, muscles, blood and lymphatic vessels. It is progressive and marked by the development of tumors of skin and bone as a child ages. Best to talk to the experts: the Proteus syndrome research team in the National Human Genome Research Institute at the US National Institutes of Health. Hope that helps.

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Please help docs! Is proteus syndrome preventable?

No. This is the actual illness that affected "the elephant man". It's a somatic mutation a clone of cells in the unborn child shortly after conception. There was a report of rapamycin suppressing the overgrowths; this seems unlikely to me and has been generally questioned. Get with a subspecialty geneticist if you have Proteus syndrome or are caring for someone who does. Read more...