Timeframe between heart failure and defibrillation?

May not happen. Heart failure generally refers to dysfunction in the pumping action of the heart (various types exist). Defibrillation is basically an electric shock designed to "reset/restart" the conduction system of the heart (during an arrhythmia). Heart failure increases risk of arrhythmia, but doesn't guarantee it will happen. Live healthy, follow tx & doctor's recc's , and hopefully it won't happen.

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How much time can pass between heart failure and defibrillation in order to survive?

Seconds to a minute. Research has shown that the chance of survival decreases by 10% with every minute that passes from the onset of ventricular fibrillation to defibrillation. Therefore, it is crucial to get an AED or ems asap if someone is collapsed. In the interim, vigorous CPR (100 compression a minute) can be lifesaving. Read more...

I'm wondering how much time can one have between heart failure and defibrillation in order to survive?

Depends. For a new diagnosis of heart failure, with normal arteries, one has to assess the heart function after 3-9 months of therapy prior to deciding on the need for a defibrillator. Sometimes we use a liefevest for that period of time. Read more...