Had cystoscope, nothing found. Why still blood in urine.?

Hematuria. You need to have your urologist order a renal ultrasound and possibly an ivp and explain to you what his thoughts are about your persistent hematuria. Your cystoscopy did not visualize the upper part of your urinary system and that is why you need the studies i mentioned. Hematuria is not a normal finding and you and your doctor need to find its cause.

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Blood in urine four times in a a year, each time cleared up with cipro (ciprofloxacin) in a few days. Seen a urilogist for cystyscope & that was fine.?

Hematuria. Blood in the urine is hematuria. The causes range from infection, a kidney stone, to cancer of the urinary tract. Risk factors for cancer include smoking and certain industrial exposures. You have had part of the work up for cancer with the cystoscope, the other two parts are urine cytology and imaging of the urinary tract with a test such as a ct urogram. Your doctors felt it was an infection? Read more...