Is cryptorchidism curable?

Yes. If testes is found to be healthy and viable, it can be brought down into its normal position via surgery.
? cure vs fix ? The testis are formed next to the kidneys initially & should move down gradually during pregnancy. They should descend into the scrotum during the last trimester. If one or both do not & don't in the first 6 months, they can sometimes be located and moved into the scrotum with surgery. Success depends on whether the blood supply is adequate.

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I suffer from cryptorchidism n pme (ejaculate in 30 sec even during masturbation). is this curable. Can I satisfy my wife and father a child m bachelor?

Cryptorchidism. Cryptorchidism has nothing to do with PME. If your other testicle is normal and no other issues should not have problems conceiving child. If concern, simple sperm count and motility eval sufficient to start. Satisfy spouse is another issue. More to relations with spouse than just sex (although important). Thoughtful spouse and good therapist can work with you to help PME issues. Good luck. Read more...