What should I be prepared for after craniotomy?

Recovery. Having a craniotomy for tumor or other elective process is generally safe. Most patients don't have severe long term headaches and usually are taking tylenol (acetaminophen) as needed a week or so later. Depending on the underlying problem and location there will be concerns for seizures, weakness/paralysis, or speech problems after surgery.

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What should I be prepared for after a craniotomy? How long is recovery?

Craniotomy. Recovery is typically based on the length and type of craniotomy. Most people recover quite quickly but having said that it really depends on what is being done and this should be discussed before surgery with the neurosurgeon. Read more...

What should I be prepared for after getting a craniotomy?

Nothing . Why did you get craniotomy? Watch out for seizures and that is about it. Youcan actually lead a normal life style. Read more...