Transsphenoidal surgery or craniotomy for pituitary adenoma?

First Option. Transsphenoidal approach has become the surgery of choice for pituitary adenomas.
Either may be right. Transphenoidal surgery is the preferred procedure. However, sometimes it cannot be done--the tumor cannot be adequately reached --and a craniotomy is then required.

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Which is better: transsphenoidal surgery or craniotomy for pituitary macroadenoma?

Depends. Transsphenoidal approach has been standard for years as it avoids brain retraction and optic nerve manipulation. In larger tumors with more of a suprasellar location (think in the brain), a craniotomy is occasionally required to reach the whole tumor.

Which is better for pituitary macroadenoma: transsphenoidal surgery or craniotomy?

Depends. Assuming it is an operative mass: this really depends on what the tumor looks like on imaging. Most of these masses can be done via transphenoidal approach with microscope or endoscope. Rarely it gets so large and if the patients medical condition is ok can be done via combined transphenoidal and craniotomy. Patients recover from transphenoidal surgery more quickly than craniotomy.

I have a pituitary adenoma (16mm).My prolactin is 115, 3 (normal values 2, 8-29, 2ng/ml).I'm on thyroid medication. Probably have PCOS. Surgery or drugs?

Probably surgery. You probably need to see an endocrinologist or a neurosurgeon. If this gets too large it can affect your vision. They may recommend a trial of medication, but ultimately they will do a gamma knife.
Depends on the size. Prolactin level is irrelevant. You definitely do not need surgery if the adenoma is small, but if it is large and causes visual problems, then it needs to be taken out.

Can you tell me about pituitary adenomas and how long the recovery time is after surgery?

Every person is. Different and this all depends on the size of the adenoma and how your surgeon approaches this. I have had some patients undergo a minimally invasive procedure and recovered fast. Be aware, there are still risk and it is still major surgery.

What is the length of time for a pituitary adenoma to grow 2 cm?

It depends? There are many kind of adenoma, some are functional and some are not, it is very hard to guess.
This varies. The length of time that it takes a pituitary adenoma to grow to 2 cm varies depending on the type of tumor and whether or not it is hormonally active and has had previous operations. Typically, the majority are benign and slow growing. It may take months to years to reach 2 cm (again depends on the starting size). The best way to get an idea of the growth rate is to do serial MRI scans to follow.