I have diabetes, can Lyme disease infection cause complications

Yes. Depending on the intensity of the illness, lyme disease as will most other infections, cause a change in your baseline Insulin needs. Some who are recognised early & treated may not see more than a minimal effect. However, unrecognised illness can be quite destabalizing for the long haul.

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What makes it unknown if chronic Lyme disease is real or not? I just tested positive for past infection and have gone unbelievably downhill since bite

Need more info. "chronic" lyme disease is difficult to diagnose because isolation of the organism has not been effected and the serologic tests used can be misinterpreted. Many doctors feel that these symptoms are the result of some immune process, but the details have been resistant to definitive diagnosis or understanding. To know what you have you need to see a doctor, preferably id.

What does it mean if your body develops antibodies to Lyme disease And blood work shows my body fighting infection??

Still infected. If your body is still fighting the infection, you will require further treatment even though you have developed some protective antibody to the organism. Think of it as ISIS. Certainly there is resistance to its invasion but the resistance has not killed it yet.

Does lyme disease and Co infections increase the risk of blood clots? And if so by how much? I take 3000 mg fishoil a day would that prevent issues?

Definitely not. Lyme disease and other tick borne illnesses should not increase the risk for blood clots. See a hematologist if you suffer from clots. There are things that CAN be done - like no smoking, avoiding birth control pills (estrogens), avoiding long stationary periods (sitting on a plane), avoiding injury to legs/veins, etc. Fish oil is a supplement - probably won't help this situation at all. See an MD.

My wife has been diagnosed with Lyme disease and co-infection of black mold. How can I find a doctor that can fully treat these issues?

Ok. An infectious disease physician should be able to sort out the DX of lyme disease. 'black mold' in the environment generally is a cause of allergic respiratory symptoms but the id doc can help as well.