What are the differences between the three stages of Lyme disease?

Time since infection. Stage 1, early localized, occurs 1-4 weeks after infection with rash around bite, headache, fatigue, muscle/joint pains & fever. Then comes early disseminated for 1-4 months with similar symptoms but the heart & nervous system can be affected.Then late persistent which often has arthritis & more neurologic symptoms.The earlier treated the better.See http://arthritis.Webmd.Com/tc/lyme-disease-symptoms.
Local, systemic. 1. Early localized (flu-like symptoms within wks). 2.Early disseminated-spreading thru body (facial paralysis-bell's palsy, joint aches or swelling, palpitations-weeks to mos later). 3. Late disseminated: centralnervous system- movement, speech problems, numbness, tingling, muscle problems, weakness, cognitive problems. Germ causing lyme cousin of syphilis germ-get it differently, behaves similar.

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How doyou feel in early stages of Lyme disease?

Not well. Lyme disease presents early with a classic rash which is an expanding circle of redness clearing in the center. There may be fever, chills, malaise, headache, stiff neck, and involvement of joints (arthritis), the heart, and the nervous system may all follow. It is due to a spiral bacteria transmitted by deer ticks (borellia burgdorfii), and should be treated aggressively to prevent long illness. Read more...

How accurate are spinal taps when diagnosing the different stages of Lyme disease?

Usually not needed. Lyme disease does not require a spinal tap to diagnose. There are blood tests that can be helpful but the history of a tick bite, rash, fever, headaches, joint aches or arthritis is helpful. However, most people with lyme do not have a known history of a tick bite. You do live in an area where lyme is common (nj). Go to www.Cdc.Gov/lyme for more reliable information. Avoid misdiagnosis. Read more...

I would like to know the length or time frames for the various stages of Lyme disease, from one's "innoculation", to late stage. Thankyou.?

Highly variable. Acute lyme symptoms can occur 3-30 days after innoculation and are generally non-specific flu-like symptoms, with a rash 70% of the time. This lasts a few days to a few weeks. "late stage" symptoms can appear within weeks of infection but in some cases don't appear for years. A healthy immune system may keep lyme at bay until another stressor occurs. See my comment for more info & links. Read more...