Can a bulimic have caries without erosion?

Yes. It depends on how long the person has been bulimic. If it has been a short time the erosion may not be evident clinically.
Bulimia & cavities. Sure. Anyone can have cavities, which is the most common disease there is. With the loss of dental enamel due to the acid regurgitation in bulimia, cavities would be expected to be even more frequent since there is the loss of the protective layer of dentyne and enamel.

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I know there's a difference between dental erosion and caries. But can a bulimic have caries without erosion?

Yes. Anyone can get dental caries, bulimic or not. Bulimia with dental erosion increases the risk. The best preventive treatment is regular brushing, flossing, and periodic dental checkups. Read more...
Yes. Erosion is caused by the acid, decay is caused by bacteria. Patients with erosion are more susceptible to decay. Read more...