Occasional wheezing&chest pains, frequent coughs with sore throat and bright yellow mucus. Fatigued easily when e.G walking up stairs - exercise reg.

It's difficult. To make diagnosis here. You still will need lung studies, to tell us what is wrong. We need to examine you. The one who can do it best is your own doctor. Go to your doctor, tell all your symptoms honestly and you can have all the tests needed including exercise test to see why you have problem. Good luck.

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Sick for two weeks, really sore throat and coughing up mucus. Dad looked at throat and said was red. Have chest pain. Mom thinks doctor visit is a no.

Disagree. Minor but annoying throat infections will often self heal in about a week. Any illness that lasts longer than that - especially if not showing any signs of improvement - should be seen by an MD to determine the cause and possible treatment that might help. In teens with prolonged throat infection I often evaluate them for Mono. http://www.webmd.com/a-to-z-guides/infectious-mononucleosis-topic-overview. Read more...