What can a person on beta blockers do for chest wheeze, cough, phlegm when albuterol breathing treatments are contraindicated? How to clear out lungs?

Alternative. I don't know the contraindication to albuterol but there is Levalbuterol as alternative. In addition, an inhaled steroid is usually indicated for chronic lung problems. Revisit your bblocker as there are also more selective ones that don't induce bronchospasm. Talk to your doctor about these. And definitely try to see if you can get cough meds. Cough can induce wheezing. Good luck.

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Bronchitis. Dr offered albuteral breath treatment even tho I take beta blocker, have rapid hr. I declined. Was I right? Dr said I had a chest wheeze.

You were wrong. In fact if you were on a beta blocker, reconsideration for a selective one should have been made to avoid the bronchospasms created by the nonselective ones. The nonselective bblockers can cause bronchospasm and can be reversed by b-agonists in the lungs. Of course there is some systemic overflow. Once it happens they are hard to reverse, hence we don't use Propranolol challenge anymore. Read more...