My doctors will not recommend acid reflux surgery or bariatric surgery even though they have said the acid reflux is causing 8 bouts of bronchitis why?

Reflux. Not sure why. However, if you qualify for weight loss surgery by your bmi, and you have significant reflux, the best operation for you would be a gastric bypass which will make you lose weight and correct your reflux.
Don't know. You sound like a good candidate for WLS if your overweight enough to qualify - should make the reflux go away.
Unknown. I cannot speak for your doctors, but many of my patients that have had a procedure wonder why they had to suffer for so many years before it was fixed? The best endoscopic procedure (my opinion) is stretta, and the most common operation is a nissen fundoplication. Gastric bypass may also be an option depending on bmi. See an experienced general/laparoscopic surgeon for a consult. Hope this helps!