How painful is blue light acne treatment?

Pain with Acne Light. It depends on whether levulan chemical is used. The chemical will make it more uncomfortable, but probably make the treatment work better. The treatment will also work without the medicine. It creates oxygen in the glands, which is toxic to the bacteria. It is a good adjunctive treatment, but nothing beats Isotretinoin for long-term resolution of acne.

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Blue light therapy acne treatment appropriate?

Sometimes. This may help resolve some acne spots more quickly. But is expensive. Significant acne will still require skilled management with combinations of meds tailored to each specific person.

Blue light therapy acne treatment machines. Helpful or just a gimmick?

Acne treatments. Photodynamic therapy using a topical sensitizing agent and red or blue light can certainly help acne. Non-prescription blue-light devices can possibly help but they probably work only for some of the less severe acne cases.

Anyone used blue light acne treatment?

Yes. Blue light with aminolevulenic acid can work in some patients. Not sure about how your insurance may pay for it but I feel some patients do well with it. Often I will suggest it for a patient who might need accountant but they either don't want to go that route or cannot go that route.

Where do I go to get a blue light acne treatment done?

Dermatologist. Check your local medical society listing for dermatologists who provide this service. As an alternative, look up a local dermatologist in the phone book or internet and then call them to arrange this or see who has the equipment.
Blu Light for Acne. You'll want to goggle dermatologists in your area to find someone who offers blu light therapy. Blu-u® has a high-intensity, narrow-band blue light that kills the propionibacterium acnes bacteria responsible for causing acne in skin. It can be a useful alternative to oral antibiotics. More info at http://www. Skin-vein. Com/cosmetic-dermatology/blu-u-light-therapy.

Blue light acne treatment? What is it? Is it expensive?

Many uses. Blue light (and red light) is a part of a treatment called photodynamic therapy. It uses light and a topical chemical (aminolevulenic acid, ala) to treat many conditions. Acne is just one. Ala soaks into the skin and the light activates is. "bad cells" or acne related bacteria are then selectively destroyed by the light activation. Beyond that I would discuss with a dermatologist.

What kind of complications might happen from a blue light acne treatment?

Mild Side Effects. After blue light therapy for acne you may experience redness and dryness in the area that was treated. These complications are temporary.
Blue light. A great question. It isn't the blue light itself that causes complications. This is just plain visible blue light (not ultraviolet). The illumination of ala (ala is activated by blue light) by blue light can cause basically a severe sunburn. You can also have peeling and pain. However, a person's time under the light is titrated up each treatment to minimize the potential complications.