If I have a slow leakage (liver clot) after tooth extraction, (even with an hour of applied gauze) is this a bad thing? Could dry socket occur?

Really? Sometimes we get what we are looking for. How long ago was the tooth extracted? An hour of gauze with light pressure isn't enough to determine a problem. While a dry socket is possible it is not likely. I suspect you are worrying too much and disturbing the area too much.
It is possible. if the blood clot gets dislodged prematurely from the tooth socket or nicotine constricts blood vessels which slows the formation and expansion of the healing blood clot in the socket. This leads to the painful complication a Dry Socket. If concerned call your dentist for post-op evaluation.
Not necessarily. An extraction socket can bleed and ooze for hours depending on the case and the patient . I would not panic. Give it about 24 hrs. To settle.