Neck pain arm pain back pain leg pain jaw pain and I can't tilt my head all the way back. No health insurance got two weeks any ideas of what this is?

It could be. Something serious, when you have this much pain in these different areas. I don't think any home remedies would help if you had it for 2 weeks already. Ask a doctor for a discount if you don't have health insurance coverage. Most doctors will try to help you even if you can't pay the full fee.
Cervical disc hernia. This broad range of pain may be stemming from a bulging disc in the cervical spine. Orthopedics is a starting place for diagnosis.

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What is pressure on chest, left arm pain, shoulder. And neck pain. Jaw pain and hard to swallow?

Heart. It sounds like heart pain. I would get to an emergency room as soon as possible - like now! chew a few aspirins on the way if you have no reason not to take aspirin. Calling an ambulance would not be a bad idea. Read more...