I've been told that I need a dorsal foraminotomy or a 'foramino facetectomy' (c5/c6 & c6/c7). I can't find much literature on the 2nd procedure &, as I'm working abroad, it's difficult to find info.

Get Doc to explain. Before you can honestly consent to anything, you need to understand it. The person offering the procedure is obligated to tell you clearly the 'what ; why' as well as the 'how' of the procedure. They also need to explain risks with or without the intervention and any alternatives. If you don't get this satisfaction, be sure to seek a 2nd opinion before consenting to anything.
Foraminotomy is done. To release the narrowed (stenosed) foramen. The facetectomy is removal of the bone from the facet joint, which make (a part of the) foraminal wall. Usually these facet joints are arthritic and add to the stenosis (narrowing). So doing both procedures would certainly ensure the symptoms are completely relieved. Good luck.