How to like someone with aspergers syndrome?

Asperger's syndrome. Actually, the process is pretty much the same as for a person without asperger's syndrome. Either you do like someone or you don't. We don't usually have good reasons, at least in the beginning. Asperger's syndrome is associated with many symptoms which impair social relationships, so it may be harder to relate, but in the end, you either really like them the way they are or you don. T.

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Can someone explain adult aspergers syndrome?

Social issues. It is an autistic spectrum condition and pertains to the higher functioning end of autistic spectrum. It primarily leads to social limitations and makes it difficult for the person to adapt to many changes. Because they are higher functioning, they can be successful in occupational settings but feel more comfortable in careers requiring less social interaction.

Which tests are done to see if someone has aspergers syndrome?

No tests required. It's made on the history and talking to the person. Most aspies are troubled & perplexed by their inability to fit in, and will welcome a chance to learn better social skills so that their advantages (strong science focus, etc.) can benefit themselves and others. The rapid mechanical speech and the failure at team / coordination sports also help.

Isnt language development good in someone who has aspergers syndrome?

Yes. Asperger is in the autistic spectrum where language delay is a foremost symptom. Since it is a relatively mild form of the condition it is not too surprising that speech is developing.
Usually normal. Asperger's disorder is a disorder with hi anxiety and poor social pragmatic skills with difficulty understanding non verbal signals. Language development is usually normal.

What is aspergers syndrome?

Aspergers is a mild. Form of autism. Autism is a disorder that interferes with a person's ability to communicate or relate to others whichs starts early in childhood. When people speak about the autistic spectrum they are speaking about a range of degrees from mild to severe autism.
Mild autism. There's no pill / cure so whether it's even worth diagnosing is moot. Get help with social skills that others learn naturally. Choose a strength / endurance sport rather than a team / coordination sport. Your mind focuses amazingly; choose science / tech rather than comics / train schedules and you'll go far. If you're good with being single / along, you're very fortunate. Best wishes.

Can you die from aspergers syndrome?

Asperger's disorder. There is no associated disorders associated with asperger's disorder that would shorten a person's life expectency.
No. Asperger's syndrome (which actually no longer a diagnosis in the new dsm-v) is an autisitc spectrum disorder characterized by poor social skills, a lack of understanding social interactions and interpersonal skills as well as being disconnected from others. In now way is fatal.
NOT DIRECTLY. Depression in asperger's often relates to social isolation and self esteem issues. In teens, suicidal thoughts have been found to occur in up to 50% of teens with asperger's syndrome! Fyi: although asperger's is now to be part of the autism spectrum disorder diagnosis, although recent eeg data indicate asperger's and autism have different amounts of brain connectivity between various regions.

How do you treat aspergers syndrome?

Asperger's. The patient should get a comprehensive evaluation. This should include psychological testing and cognitive testing. It should also include physical and and occupationa and spech evaulations especially if it is for a child in school. You may need a psychiatirc part for medication. The pateint will probably need individual counseling, group therpay, social skills training, and the above.
Maybe with Oxytocin. Early trials with oxytocin have been encouraging. It will take some time however, for this treatment to effectively go mainstream.

What to do about aspergers syndrome!?

OASIS;MAAP. Usually, patients, family and friends can benefit from the support, advice, education and guidance of established organizations and associations. Oasis;maap is an association worthy of use. Their website is http://www. Aspergersyndrome. Org, and they can be contacted at 12196621311.

Could anybody have aspergers syndrome?

No. It is a developmental disorder that is life-long. You cannot come down with it later in life. Best wishes.

How can I cope with aspergers syndrome?

Many ways. Be sure of the diagnosis. You should be under the care of a doctor & therapist experienced in treating aspies. Take pride in your individuality. Talk to other aspies. See <http://aspergeradults. Ca/2010/02/is-self-help-effective-for-asperger-syndrome/> many aspies have unique abilities that can be capitalized on. Mostly love yourself.
Expect the best. Help facilitate success. You have to want more for your life. Many "aspies" can live full &fulfilling lives, given proper encouragement, opportunities and treatment. And there are new toys, treatments & experiences being developed all the time for such children. Adults also have more support & knowledgeable professional help available now than ever. Either way, there is much joy available to you.
Lots of pluses. Choose your focus. Tech, science and math win. Comics, superstition, and train schedules lose. If you can tolerate being single, it is a HUGE plus. Find a strength or fitness sport rather than a teamwork / coordination sport. Get guidance on how to talk to people. Aspies do best if they only say nice things. Welcome to the community of folks who are different but happy.