How fast can ascending colon cancer (stage 1) spread? To where?

Usually contained. Stage I ascending colon cancer is usually very easily treatable. Stage I means that it has not spread beyond the colon which is great news. If it ever does move, it usually moves to the lymph nodes, liver and lung. This would be detectable by regular scans after the colon tumor has been surgically removed.
Grade is important. Colon cancers usually first spread to adjacent lymph nodes and through the portal system to the liver. The time to spead depends largely on the grade (or aggressiveness) of the tumor-usually reported as grade i, ii, iii from less ro more aggressive.
Speed is not. Easy to discern, but risk is dependent on size, penetration into the muscle wall, presence of lymph nodes, possibly lymphovascular invasion. Micro-satellite instability is less likely to cause trouble. When tumor burrows into muscle or nodes are involved, risk reducing chemotherapy is offered to most.

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What type of scans do you suggest for a patient post op stage 1 t2 ascending colon cancer in order to monitor for any futher spread.?

None. As long as lymph nodes were negative, exam, carcinoembrionic antigen (cea), and that is all. No role for ct scans unless exam or CEA is abnormal. Hope this helps.
Several. Cea's, and regular colonoscopies. If any changes may need ct or pet scans in the future.

A GrownLady is 72 years can she do a surgery for ascending colon cancer and it hasn't spread (Thank God)? Is it safe and what are the risks Thank you

Yes. That is common age, must follow her doctor s advise has goos chance of cure.
Yes. Just make sure you are seen by your doctor for Sufism clearance. Once cleared gave your surgery and then follow closely with your doctor to assure you have a safe and healthy recovery. Post op follow up is very important.

Ascending colon pain age 21 change in bowel habits and no anemia went to the er three times and everything clear. Scared it might be Colon cancer.

Work up needed. Change in the bowel habits is common with the left sided colon cancer though it can happen with right side rarely. If there is a family history of colon cancer and regardless you need to request referral to Gastroenterologist for examination and further work up. Even the gall stones can cause change in the bowel habits. Hence do not draw conclusions that you have cancer.
See below: Agree with Dr. KATAKKAR. It is unlikely that you have colon cancer. However, the issue is not suitable for ER. You need to see your primary care provider and let her/him decide if a referral to a gastroenterologist is warranted. For good health - Have a diet rich in fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains, milk and milk products, nuts, beans, legumes, lentils and small amounts of lean meats. Avoid saturated fats. Drink enough water daily, so that your urine is mostly colorless. Exercise at least 150 minutes/week and increase the intensity of exercise gradually. Do not use tobacco, alcohol, weed or street drugs in any form. Practice safe sex.

In general, how treatable is stage 1-2 colon cancer?

Very. Go to your doctor and find out all the treatment options available for that particular type of cancer.
Very! Both stage I and ii mean that the cancer has not spread to the lymph nodes and as such, they are much more easily treated with very high survival rates. Surgery alone is generally adequate unless someone with stage ii has high risks.

How long does it take colon cancer to reach stage 4 from stage 1?

Unpredictable. Most cases of Stage 1 colon cancer are cured with surgery. A small percentage tend to come back with a recurrence, usually in 2-3 years...but it can be shorter or longer time than it is somewhat unpredictable but it is usually within 5 years for those who recur.

What to expect after a colon cancer surgery stage 1?

CURE! Healing post op, then surveillance. A long life ahead we pray!
Prognosis is good. Generally, after proper cancer surgery for stage I colon cancer, the prognosis is good and no adjuvant therapies are needed.

What are the blood tests after being diagnosed with stage 1 colon cancer?

Establishes baseline. You will almost certainly have normal liver functions, blood counts, and CEA at present, but these will be monitored into the future. Any change can be an early sign of cancer recurrence, so continue to get checkups! I have had many patients who neglected their cancer follow up and died as a result.

How do I find statistics and prognoses for young (less than 50 yrs old) stage 1 colon cancer patients who didn't choose colon resection?

Tough. What therapy did you choose? Why did you not choose surgery which would be 100% curative? You need to look at old surgical articles comparing colon cancer surgery patients to those who chose not to have surgery. They will be tough to find as they are old.

My fathers colon cancer spread to the liver with several lesions on the liver. He now has larger lesions with one measuring 9.6 CM x8.5 cm. Prognosi?

Options. If colon cancer spreads only to the liver, it can still potentially be treated successfully. There are multiple liver treatment options (surgery, radiofrequency ablation, sbrt, endovascular chemo/y90, etc.). He should be seen at a cancer center with a large liver surgery/treatment volume.
Poor. This is stage 4. For patients with colon cancer and liver lesions that could be totally resected, the 5 year overall survival can be 20% or more. Unfortunately in your father cases, the liver lesions are unlikely resectable. The 5 year overall survival for stage 4 is 6%.