Can you still have babies after chemotherapy for yolk sac tumor?

Short answer is Yes. This assumes that the patient underwent a fertility sparing surgery followed by 3-4 cycles of bep chemotherapy and the patient is relatively young. Studies looking at women with such treatment approach may have upto 75% probability of having a child, the average age is around 22-23 years of age. Discussing the details with your gynecologist or gyneoncologist may provide further details.

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Does 2xbep chemo is enough for non-seminoma (embrional with yolk sac tumor) with clear scan, little elevated bhcg (25) and normal AFP or should 3xbep?

It depends. It depends on the total number of bep cycles already given. Most patients are treated with a total of 3(low risk patients) or 4 cycles of bep for high risk(bulky disease). The general rule if to use 2 more cycles after achieving a complete response(cr). Read more...