I've been feeling weak, light headed, dizzy but it happens randomly. I've been to the doc but they can't seem to find the problem. Wat could it b?

WEAK, Dizzy, kigh he. Autonomic dysfunction, how do you sleep, how is your mood, sometimes is good and bad? Many causes may lead to your problems, I suggest to make an appointment with me. Nausea vomiting Tired Dizziness low Blood Pressure General Weakness Fatigue Heart Rate Altered Unintentional Weight Loss Abdominal Pain Excessive sweating Abnormal Heart Rhythms Fainting Dehydration Pregnancy Slow Heart Rate Heart Attack Overview Autonomic Neuropathy Addison’s Disease Peripheral Neuropathy Alcohol and toxins.
Dysautonomia. Your autonomic nervous system has become excitable and is compromised by chemical changes in the brain which controls the autonomic nervous system. By far the commonest cause is poor diet, especially the sugar and sweeteners. The autonomic nervous system is automatic and is the means by which you adapt to the environment. You are therefore maladapted. Your symptoms can be abolished by good diet.