Is there any medication that can combat aggression in a child with asperger?

Both Risperdal & Abilify (aripiprazole) are approved for " irritability" in children with autistic disorders. Developmental/behavioral pediatricians tend to use low doses & titrate slowly for optimal effect; we tend to split total daily doses, starting at night because of initial drowsiness. Along with baseline labs (chem panel, liver functions, prolactin level) , we usually order a genetic microarray & dna probe for fragile x.
Yes. One of the most commonly used medications for autism spectrum is Risperidone (risperdal). Weight gain, somnolence (sleepiness) and fatigue were common side effects. It works well, but one has to watch for side effects. Generally it is prescribed by a psychiatrist; however some pcps may be willing to prescribe it as well. Probably will need labs every 12 months to monitor for side effects.
Yes,but.... Risperdal is recommended for symptoms of aggression in children with asd, however side effects of the medicine are great and labs such as blood sugar, lipids, liver enzymes and prolactin levels need to be monitored.Significant weight gain is always a concern.Behavioral modification, parwnting skill training and nfb all could significantly help with symptoms and have less side effects, if any.