What treatment to expect with adenocarcinoma colon cancer?

Surgery, chemo. Depending on the stage, an operation is usually necessary to remove the diseased portion of the colon along with its nearby lymph nodes. Then, depending on if the cancer has spread to those lymph nodes impacts whether you will also need chemotherapy. If the cancer has already spread beyond the colon, sometimes you start with chemo.
Surgery and chemo. Early colon carcinomas can be cured with surgical resection. Tumors that may have spread or recurred, are treated with chemotherapy.
Depends on the stage. If a colon cancer can be completely resected, this always yields the best prognosis. If the stage is high enough that the risk of recurrence is high, adjuvant chemotherapy can be given to reduce the risk of recurrence. This is typically done for cancers that have spread to involve lymph nodes, and usually entails treatment for 3 days every 2 weeks for about 6 months, similar rx for unresectable ca.

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How much time will my mother live when she is diagnosed with colon cancer - adenocarcinoma at stage 3?

Colon cancer. Nobody knows how long one would live. It depends on so many factors- i.e. her age, her overall condition, other medical problems, whether she would get therapy or refuse therapy etc. Most importantly is for you to cherish and support her while you still can. Statistically, 5 year overall survival for stage 3 colon cancer- around 50-60%. In stage 3, the therapy is still aiming for a cure.

Been having thin/narrow stools. Clear rectal exam by gp/no blood in stool. Should I fear colon cancer? I'm 39 &had adenocarcinoma insitu of cervix 4yrago

Possible lesion. In situ adeno unrelated unless some for of radiation employed that could narrow distal bowel. Narrowing of stool suggests that there is some constriction of bowel causing a narrowing of the lumen and thus the stool. Blood does not have to be present but relying on a gp rectal not satisfactory. Sigmoidoscopy at a minimum and colonoscopy more accepted for this problem.

What is the best treatment for colon cancer?

Surgery+/-ChemoRx. The cornerstone of therapy is surgical resection of the part of the colon. The stage of the cancer is dependent upon the surgical findings (depth of cancer, lymph node evaluation), which will guide the decision regarding chemotherapy. Very rarely, radiation therapy will be recommended for more advanced colon cancers.
It is case by case. The treatment for colon cancer will depend on many factors. The most important ones are the stage of the disease and performance status of the patient / and other comorbidities. There are 3 treatment modalities to treat cancer- surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. Whether the patient needs to get surgery plus minus chemotherapy or if radiation is needed-all will depend on the above factors.
Prevention is better. Colon cancer is preventable. Colonoscopy screening based on accepted national guidelines (age 45 for select populations, age 50 for most other americans) is the gold standard. While not perfect, colonoscopy detects and removes many pre-cancerous polyps prior to cancer development. Key preventatives also include: mediterranean high fiber, low fat diets, proper weight, baby aspirin, avoid tobacco.

What kinds of treatment are available for colon cancer?

Several. After diagnosis, the primary treatment is surgery, with adjuvant chemotherapy if indicated. For rectal cancers, neoadjuvant therapy with chemo and radiation followed by surgery if necessary is the standard of care for most patients.
Many. Colon cancer is so common that many medical trials have been performed which help doctors know better how to treat this disease. Depending upon the patient and stage of cancer, surgery, radiation, and various chemotherapies may be of benefit. You oncology team who know your specific situation can give more specific recommendations.

What is the treatment for stage 3 colon cancer?

Surgery, chemo. Stage 3 colon cancer implies that there is spread of disease to lymph nodes. Substaging depends on how many, and where. Treatment has better survival and disease free survival than no treatment. Talk with your oncologist, surgeon re: chemo regimens. Get the tumor genetic testing results, which might impact on the possibility of other treatments as well.
Chemotherapy. Adjuvant chemotherapy is the treatment for stage iii colon cancer after surgery. Your oncologist will decide on what regimen.
Surgery and? Chemo. The first step is to remove the tumor and lymph nodes to see if tumor has spread to these. Since you know it is stage iii this must have already be done. We know in patients with the disease spread to nodes around the tumor, it is more likely to recurr. The addition of chemotx reduces this risk. Talk to an oncologist about the risks and benefits of the chemo. Most patients should recieve it.

What is a good treatment for colon cancer stage 4?

Chemo. Stage 4 colon Ca best handled by assuring that the primary is removed so other sites of spread don't appear. Systemic chemo then used for primary control but if lesions are in one area such as liver or lung, those sites approached if lesions small and resectable. If liver lesions get numerous then chemo embolization or Yt microspheres used. Thorascopic resection employed with some lung lesions.