Can glucagon injection treat all types of glycogen storage disease?

No. Glycogen storage disease are rare genetic disorders associated with a defect in processing glycogen. Some forms can be treated by eating simple sugars (corn starch), some have no particular treatment. I am not aware of glucagon being used in any of these disorders.

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Are there any new treatments for type 1 glycogen storage disease?

Maintenance of close. to normal/ normal blood glucose & treatment of other metabolic problems can improve growth & extend lifespan in kids with GSD Types 1a & 1b. Some now live healthier lives into adulthood. GCSF is a medication to increase the number of white blood cells. Managing diet, dental, bone density, kidney, liver, etc.problems is key. See for infirmation & resources. Read more...

Is there any test than can be done to test for carrier of glycogen storage disease type 1a?

Von Gierke Disease. Molecular genetic testing for mutations of the G6PC gene on chromosome 17q21 is available. If 1 parent is a carrier, the other parent needs testing. If both are carriers, each fetus. has a 25% chance of inheriting the mutant gene from both parents, thus having VGD. Prenatal molecular genetic testing of amniotic fluid is also available. Call 1300-88-1362 or see . Read more...