Ia 23 yr old female and 4 feet 9 inches and I weigh 154.What can I do to lose weight and keepvit off. I watch what I eat and I count calories?

Several things. Eating the right foods and the right amounts is very important. A point system like weight watchers is a balanced system that is good but no diet is good without enough cardiovascular exercise. You must get 60-90 minutes of cardiovascular exercise every day if you want to lose weight. You should also drink 8 , 8 oz glasses of water + 1 additional glass for each 20 lb you want to lose.
Exercise+. Dr davis has good recommendations which should be helpful. If you truly count calories, then one might look at hormonal balances.. Is the thyroid working as it should. That fact alone could be sabotaging your weight loss. Stay healthy and best of luck!