Can I use over-the-counter medication to combat skin fungal infections?

Yes. There are numerous options for otc anti-fungal medical treatments. They will typically be organized and marketed by location on the body such as scalp, body, or feet. Clotrimazole and terbinafine are two common otc anti-fungals. If your rash or infection is not responding to otc treatment, seek medical attention.
Yes. Most fungal infections of the skin can be treated with an over the counter anti-fungal cream. However, deeper infections, usually affecting the hair follicles or nails, often require oral prescription medications.

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Any over-the-counter help for someone with fungal infection?

Tinactin (tolnaftate) Tinactin (tolnaftate) is an over the counter med that does quite well on most superficial skin fungus issues. Used twice daily it usually takes a week or so to show good progress if its not a fungus it is unlikely to do harm.

I have a fungal infection on my groin what would be a good over-the-counter medicine?

Cut out sugar first. Before trying to cover up the infection, take care of the cause first. It's probably candida so cut out sugar and carbs and you should feel relief within a few days.

My skin is peeling off b/w by thumb & index finger. It was diagonised as a simple fungal infection but the medication is not working. Cause please.

Skin peeling. Could be fungal versus dermatitis (allergic) vs eczema Some cremes (lotrisone (clotrimazole and betamethasone) in US) contain anti-fungal and steroid which would treat both issues. Also check what your hands are in contact with if caustic chemicals may be contact dermatitis and need the steroids, lotion and gloves as well to protect. Rarely psoriasis (should respond to steroid a bit) f/u with doc.

Hi:what can I do to stop my toes from hurting, and clear up a fungal infection to them? I have a fungal infection on my toes, and peeling skin in between one toe. My toes hurt, even to wearing socks. My doctor said that the commen medication is very sever

If. If you have fungal infection between the toes (commonly known as tinea pedis), treatment with antifungal powders (available otc) combined with topical antifungal creams such as terbinafine cream can be helpful. They are well tolerated and help in most instances. If that doesn't help, consider a visit to a dermatologist for diagnosis and treatment options. I hope that helps!
Topical meds/hygeine. Wear absorbant socks and let feet air out often. Powder in shoes may help. Dry thoroughly after bathing. Topical ant-fungal medication helps. If still a problem, see podiatrist.